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Join the squad

Call to skaters in the U.K.

The London roller skating community is supportive, dynamic and colourful.

We want to show different sides of it. From the dancers to the free riders, from the old to the young, it's an opportunity to share our passion and inspire people to skate more.


Whether you get a speaking role or just appear for a couple of seconds as an extra, it's fun to be part of this project. :)


Please understand that this is a fully independent project, so if you're here to make money, you have the wrong expectation. But we'll make sure everyone is delighted to be part of this adventure! 

If you're interested, here is what you need to do:

- please send an email to

- in the subject, write "join the squad"

- attach a picture (or two) of you on skates. 

- name and phone number

- if you're younger than 18, please mention it

- feel free to add anything that you think is relevant 

That's it! we'll take it from there :)

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